Captain Academy provides the finest in classroom based Captain's License training.   Our instructors are not only experienced mariners but more importantly are dedicated, caring professional educators.   You will receive training and personal attention of the highest caliber.  We measure our success not only by your successful completion of one of our courses, but by the confidence and  knowledge that you take with you on the water.   Our training will help ensure your safety while operating in the marine environment and change your boating for life. 

Our courses serve boating enthusiasts and launch careers for commercial mariners and yachting professionals alike.   No internet-only courses here... we understand that  rentention of the skills you learn in our class is based on personalized attention and guidance at every step in the teaching process.  We will be there to answer your questions and provide one-on-one assistance as you practice during classroom exercises.   The quality of our instructors and effective teaching techniques will ensure that you will be able to recall and apply what you have learned as well as pass your exams.  We offer courses for the US Coast Guard OUPV (6 Pack) License, Masters Upgrade up to 100GT and Commercial Assistance Towing Endorsement.

Coming in the fall of 2009 to the Gulf Coast Region... call 281-881-7733 or email for more information.